@TJOliver88 We're definitely intrigued Tim 🤣🤣
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@GlitterChops Why not! 💜😍
@_ErinLeadbetter You are full of great knowledge, young grasshopper! 💜💜 https://t.co/yT2g6RZQMY
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@LottieHorror How else are you supposed to start your day? 😍💜
@mwhittle_ This is what real priorities look like! 💜💜
@jimsmallman @Justjim1979 Hot Vimto is for life! 🤣💜
@katielmishner Can't go wrong at all! 😍
@stephenfarrow 💜💜💜💜 https://t.co/FiCTpBLgkr
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@keijus Shhh, people can't know our secret 🤫😉
@MartinKevill Before she changed it to, "Music make you lose control", she originally wanted to sing about how Vimt… https://t.co/Oste1wxaJU
@TheFCUMbaglady 💜💜💜
With the #BRITS around the corner, we're looking for your #VimtoBands. We've got: Katy Berry 🍇 Drink 182 🥤 Thin Fiz… https://t.co/LkIVnQU64M
@drunkenbutcher You've got us feeling like a purple He-Man 💜💜🤣
@drunkenbutcher WE HAVE THE POWERRR! 💜💜
@matthewcobb @HistoryHannahB @GalleryOldham https://t.co/7sZH4RZSbK
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