@StevieNorrisxo Missing out, Stevie 😜🤣
@FaithRoyle OMG YES! 🤤
@ffilacey Sounds like a night well spent 🤣
@redfraggle235 @bushontheradio 😍😍
@StevieNorrisxo This looks like a right treat! Have you tried the Jelly Babies yet? 👀
@dickie_cross @PilotFlyingJ An ice cold can of Vimto is the one 👌
@LucyJefferson_x We're curious, did you find a dog to stroke? 🤔
@CaptainNutNut @charlieandduffy We're sure your mate will love it 💜
@theliteraryword @AidenHatfield That's an easy one to make though... no waiting around for the kettle etc... 😜🤣
@a__wass Have you never tried Vimto and Milk? 😲
@PaulRezon @bushontheradio https://t.co/2d6ED44k1C
@smilingassasin 🤣 Love the effort Melissa! 💜
@Chloeefish Vimto delivery sounds like a great idea 🤔🤣
@eboni_jayd Gotta stay hydrated though 😋
@SaoriShirosaki How could you?! 😱 There's always next time 😃💜
@thisandtatt @bushontheradio https://t.co/61SECqqGvw
@DavidEvs1 We like your style! 💜
@DavidEvs1 A strong Vimto then? 😂
@DANIELJAMESREC We're a bit obsessed as well Daniel 😜💜
@LetsGoToTheMov7 @botha1313 @eatentexp @cineworld Toy Story 4 and an ICEE - it's what dreams are made of!