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@old_skool_mike Your life will be changed! 😏😜
@philpollard84 We knew you would love it 😏
@old_skool_mike Give it a go, Mike...you might just love it 😍
@anjali_x So many goodies 😍
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@MickFerry @MrStephenHowson @justinmoorhouse https://t.co/emUkXoG5no
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@myarse10 We appreciate you taking one for the team and trying this 🙌🤣
Woah! Justin outing our biggest secret... Vimto and milk. Who’s with him? https://t.co/Lmv1MeQr9S
@amber_hutchison IKR!! 😍 https://t.co/zC0egvUDbX
@NoRyan_ Couldn't agree more with this, Ryan 😏🙌
@SandysAbbie @Joe_Sugg https://t.co/IRcWNNe3D2
@ScruffymonkeyDM @justinmoorhouse Tbf, you can't really beat the classic 🙌
@Scottzombcoop @justinmoorhouse Go on...
@MyClubman @justinmoorhouse A Hot Vimto is the one for the 🥶 months 🙌💜
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@AVERAGEJOE33 @justinmoorhouse Ah the memories 😍
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