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Vimto is more than just a drink. Much more! It’s an unmistakable and truly unique flavour.

Our secret recipe can be found in a variety of mouth-watering products, from jellies and ice lollies to our wide range of sweetshop favourites. Whether you’re partial to our iconic Vimto bon bons and juice-filled Vimto jelly babies, or go old-school with a twist and indulge in our Vimto Fudge, there are plenty of ways to enjoy that delicious Vimto taste.

Sweet Treats

Bursting with the secret Vimto flavour, the perfect treat to share.

Sweet treats

Iced Refreshment

Chill out with Vimto.

Iced refreshment

Home Baking

Aprons at the ready, home baking just got even tastier!

Home Baking


Looking for something sweet? Check out our Vimto treats!